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WATonomous is the University of Waterloo's first student-run autonomous car team. Started in Summer 2017, the team is currently comprised of 80+ students ranging from every faculty.

For subteam specific descriptions, check out our role descriptions



WATonomous' largest team focuses on the software development of the Bolt's self-driving capabilities using tools from Tensorflow to Unity.


Handles the integration of software and hardware into the car through implementation of embedded design, and signal processing of the central computing unit.


Oversees the physical modification of the car to support software and electrical integration and processing. Particularly focused on adding sensors to the car for critical data collection.


Supports the technical teams through team administration with activities such as sponsorship, finances, marketing, and design.

Team list


Team Captains: Eddy Zhou, Arjun Krishna

Faculty Advisor: Derek Rayside


Stephen Wang

Oren Leung

Garland Zhang

Anita Hu

Mojtaba Valipour

Shahbuland Matiana

Sinclair Hudson

Andy Whang

Tae Park

Martin Ethier

Aswin Visva

Rowan Dempster

Kushant Patel

Tony Jung

Justin Cai

Carter Pearson

Riley Zhou  

Yeshu Jain 

Frank Lai
Chris Mannes    
Steven Feng
Ankur Phadke
Ayush Ghosh

Michelle Zheng

Leo Lu 

Andrew Guo    

Jeffery Li

Evan Lee

Ram Holla                   

Wanda Song    

Jacob Armstrong    

Alan Tam    

Joey Chen       


Frank Yan                 
Brandon Goh                    
Tae Park
Anthony Lau

Avery Chiu           

Het Shah                    
Matthew Picozzi    
Reza Zarebidaky    
Christopher Samra            

Chris Santos                    

Maria Mihu

Dan Duran

Sam Eskander


Mitchell Hoyt        


Ardhendu Bhattachary

Rukshi Thiyagayogan

Jocelyn Lim

Chad Kirton

Jackie Bai

Rebecca Tang

Chris Jiang


Anson He

Audrey Lafortune

Ashwin Sureshchandra

Amar Atwal

Akshita Saxena

Raphael Dsouza

Rifa Tamanna

Ayan Ray

Anson He

Thinking of joining?

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