Fall 2021 Applications are Now Open!

Recruitment Policy: 

To join WATonomous, please submit your resume at the form below. If we think you'll be a good fit for the team, we'll reach out to schedule a quick chat to get to know you better. 

WATonomous will recruit on a rolling basis until Sept 17, 2021 @11:59 PM EST. 

Divisions Currently Open For Recruitment:

Software Divison

  • Perception

  • Path Planning

  • Infrastructure & Simulation​

Electrical Division 

  • Power Systems Advisor

  • Sensor Interfacing

  • RADAR Clustering and Object Tracking

Mechanical Division

  • Sensor Mounting ​

  • Infrastructure & Compute Rack

Business Division

  • Sponsorship & Outreach

  • Marketing

  • Web Design

  • Graphic Design


By joining WATonomous, you are agreeing to become a member of the team for the entire Fall Term.

All applicants must read the Role Descriptions page for detailed descriptions of the Fall 2021 roles before applying. For a list of helpful resources and technical material we are looking for in candidates, see our Resources

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