Spring 2021 Applications are Now Open!

Recruitment Policy: 

To join WATonomous, please submit your resume at the form below. If we think you'll be a good fit for the team, we'll reach out to schedule a quick chat to get to know you better. 

WATonomous will recruit on a rolling basis until the end of June 2021. There will be two main recruitment batches, one at the start of May and one at the start of June.

Divisions Currently Open For Recruitment:

Business Division

  • Internal & External Sponsorship

  • Marketing

  • Design

Electrical Division 

  • CAN Interfacing

  • RADAR Clustering and Object Tracking

Mechanical Division

  • Sensor mounting (fabrication) and compute track

Software Divison

  • Infrastructure & Simulation: Looking for experience with Simulation, MATLAB, & Simulink

  • Path Planning: Recruitment will begin after the Year 4 Competition at the start of June.

  • Perception: Recruitment will begin after the Year 4 Competition at the start of June.


By joining WATonomous, you are agreeing to become a member of the team for the entire 2020-2021 competition cycle (September - June). Even during your co-op term(s), you are required to remain active.

All applicants must read the Role Descriptions page for detailed descriptions of the Sprint 2021 roles before applying. For a list of helpful resources and technical material we are looking for in candidates, see our Resources. Also, check out our Facebook Page to find out what working on WATonomous is like!

Ready to Join?