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Winter 2024 Applications are now Open!

Recruitment Policy: 

To join WATonomous, please submit your resume and answer a few short questions in the form below. If we think you'll be a good fit for the team, we'll reach out to get you started with joining our team's member infrastructure. 

Applications are Due Jan 13th, 2024 at 5pm EST

However, we will be reviewing applications as they come in. So please submit your application as soon as possible before spots run out! 


Divisions Currently Open For Recruitment:​


By joining WATonomous, you agree to become a member of the team starting in Winter 2024. Our team values core members who are open to learn, and who have the drive to stay with the team for a long period of time.

The Autonomous Software Division (ASD) is the most competitive division to get into. However, if you are willing, and have the talent, to help out with BizOps while also joining ASD, we will prioritize your application.

All applicants should read the Role Descriptions page for detailed descriptions of the Winter 2024 roles before applying. For a list of helpful resources and technical material we are looking for in candidates, see our Resources

Ready to Join?
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