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Resources for Members and Applicants

Preferred Skills

All Software Subteams

General CS experience (C++, Python, ROS, multithreading, operating systems, algorithms)

User Interface

UI / UX and Product (User studies, A / B testing, prototyping)


Frontend Development
Backend Development
API Creation and Usage
Visual Design

All Electrical

C Programming
RTOS (Interrupts/ interfacing with sensors)
Signal Processing
Computing platforms
Communication protocols (ex: CAN)
Sensor Technologies (i.e. LiDAR, RADAR, camera, IMU/GPS)


Vehicle Dynamics

Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Software
Vehicle Physics Modelling
Strong Physics Knowledge


Sensor Mounting and Cooling

Design analysis simulation software (ex: ANSYS)
Demonstrated experience through a design portfolio
Understanding of computer/sensor cooling systems


All Business

Excellent communication and people skills
Previous coop or extracurricular experience in related field
Demonstrated experience through a portfolio of your work (i.e. design, social media posts, written pieces, sponsorship packages… etc.)

Position Types


There are four Directors, one each for the Software, Electrical, Mechanical, and Business Divisions. A Director is responsible for overseeing all of their Groups. This includes defining goals of the Groups, with help of the Group Managers, and ensuring goals and deliverables are being met, with guidance from the Team Captains. As a Director, you are the line of contact from your Groups to other Directors and the Team Captains. In this role, you will gain the widest breadth of knowledge about autonomous vehicles than any other role by collaborating with Group Managers to form high-level solutions. Excellent communication and leadership skills are required with extensive technical knowledge as an asset for technical Groups. The ideal candidate will possess strong technical and interpersonal skills.

Technical Lead

Only the Software Division has Technical Leads. There are multiple Technical Leads in each group. Technical Leads are in charge of fulfilling one or more Key Results of an Objective, which are specific measures used to track the achievement of that Objective. As a tech lead, you will be responsible for research, architecture, maintaining technical documentation, creating tickets, reviewing pull requests, and training core members. 

Core Member

As a Core Member on WATonomous, you will be responsible for making the autonomous vehicle come to life. Without you, the vehicle would not be possible. You are to work closely with your Group to produce a final product and assign each other responsibilities with the help of your Group Manager. One weekly planning meeting and two weekly work sessions with your Group are to be expected as a minimum, at a time and day agreed upon with you and your Group. A team player that can demonstrate commitment and willingness to learn is required, and related technical skills are highly preferred

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