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Core Members will be placed in Groups based on their skills, experience, and interests.

Winter 2023 - COVID-19 Information

WATonomous will be operating both remote and in-person this Winter 2023. Meetings are held both remotely and in-person (optional). We have physical access to our vehicle for testing and development. 

Autonomous Software Division 

Camera Object Detection: Detect and identify vehicles, signs and lanes using cameras.

Radar Clustering: Enhance the radar point cloud processing algorithm to detect obstacles better.

LIDAR Object Detection: Detect and identify pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles using LIDAR.

Action Classification: Predict the actions of other actors on the road, like other cars and pedestrians, to make better planning decisions. Train and deploy a deep learning neural network.

Object Tracking: Perform sensor fusion to produce succinctly tracked targets that combine all sensor modalities to enable robust and consistent detections.

  • Nice-to-haves: Kalman Filtering, Python

  • Lead: TBD

Mapping and Localization: Creating low-resolution road topology and geometry maps using Lanelet2. Creating high-resolution point cloud maps using LIDAR. Leveraging both map types to localize the ego vehicle without GPS.

  • Nice-to-haves: Point Cloud Library, Iterative Closest Point, Transform Trees

  • Lead: Bao Ha,

Environment Model: Graphical representation of online and prior information, as well as decision making.

Control: Constructing non-linear optimization programs to produce efficient, safe, and comfortable driving behaviour.

Simulation: Run scenarios in virtual worlds to unit test and integrate the software stack using CARLA. Create a digital twin of the vehicle so that correct behaviours can be reproduced in the real world.

Autonomous Software
Server Cluster

Server Cluster Division 

Oncall Duty: Ensuring that disruptions to WATonomous compute resources are minimized.

Cluster Reliability: Systematically minimize server connectivity/downtime issues by changing/upgrading tools (measurable by monitoring tools).

  • Nice-to-haves: Linux, Bash, Ansible, Terraform, Building PC Hardware

  • Lead: Arjun Krishna,

Data Engineering: Providing high availability to data on and off-campus and indexing our rosbags for easy search.

  • Nice-to-haves: AWS

  • Lead: TBD

Vehicle Platform

Vehicle Platform Division 

Sensor Interfacing: Automate the calibration of sensors, including stereo/wide-angle cameras, LIDAR, and radars. Accurate measurements ensure accurate perception.

  • Required Skills: Proficiency in C++/Python, knowledge of Git/version control

  • Nice-to-haves: Knowledge of ROS, Linux, Docker, and basic networking. Experience with robotics, sensor hardware, and/or autonomous vehicles.

  • Lead: Ethan Kim,

Electrical Integration: Design, fabricate, and test PCBs for custom controllers in the car and implement safety-critical operating procedures.

  • Required Skills: Hardware design, KiCAD or similar design software, soldering, use of test equipment (multimeters)

  • Nice-to-haves: Knowledge of communication protocols (CAN, Ethernet)

  • Lead: Frank Yan,

CAN Interfacing: Send autonomous control signals through CAN busses and conduct reliability testing. This involves hands-on hacking and troubleshooting plus the use of open-sourced software/hardware.

  • Required Skills: Proficiency in Python/C++ and knowledge of Git/version control 

  • Nice-to-haves: Knowledge of ROS, Linux, and basic networking. Experience with robotics, sensor hardware, and/or autonomous vehicles

  • Lead: Stephen Wang,

Test Track Validation

Test Track Validation Division 

Test Track Engineering: Build mobile platforms and other equipment required for real-world testing.

  • Lead: TBD

Track Coordinator: Organizing logistics for test track days, including booking testing locations, transportation, etc…

  • Lead: TBD

Pipeline Operator: Interact with the AV stack on test track days and autonomous drives.

Safety Driver: Authorized individuals to be in the driver seat while Bolty is autonomous.

Business Division 

Full-Stack Developer: Working on one of WATonomous' new projects, including a new finance system to handle all purchase requests and a new website (rebuilding this one right here!)

  • Required Skills: Node.js, React, JavaScript, MongoDB, HTML/CSS

  • Nice-to-haves: Gatsby, MaterialUI, deploying applications, eye for design

  • Lead: Victor Zheng,

Sponsorship & Outreach: Maintains both internal and external sponsorships, forging new relationships for WATonomous. This group is our main source of funding, generating over $25,000 each year.

  • Nice-to-haves: Writing pitches and proposals, High levels of initiative

  • Lead: Anson He,

Marketing: Engages external parties such as students, faculty members, and sponsors on the team’s progress and builds WATonomous as a brand. Markets WATonomous' recruitment and activities on the team's social media accounts and coordinates with external sources, such as other clubs and news.

Graphic Design: Create and update visual concepts and designs for WATonomous, such as attractive and user-friendly website layouts, promotional materials, swag, car wraps, etc.

  • Nice-to-haves: Experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or Sketch, creativity, detail-oriented

  • Lead: Roni Wu,


For resources regarding all positions, see our resources page

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