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University of Waterloo Autonomous Vehicle Design Team


The University of Waterloo Student Team Building a Self-Driving Car

WATonomous is a student design team at the University of Waterloo at the forefront in the design, creation, and neural training of autonomous self-driving vehicles. We are proud to be selected as one of two teams representing Canada in the SAE AutoDrive Challenge to create a fully autonomous vehicle in a four year timeframe.

The EV Bolt model with our designed competing roof rack



Year One Challange:

Yuma, AZ

Our primary focus was on concept selection by having us become familiar with sensing and computation software. These missions included straight roadway driving and object avoidance. The Year 1 competition was hosted at GM’s Desert Proving Ground in Yuma, Arizona.


Year Two Challange:

Ann Arbour, MI

We are refining our concept selections into solid system developments and have more challenging dynamic events for testing on-site, including dynamic object detection and multiple lane changing. Year 2 competition hosted at Mcity test facility in Ann Arbour


Year Three Challange:

East Liberty, OH


Will culminate with final validation of our design and concept refinement. Our autonomous car will navigate complex objectives of on-site testing, including higher speeds, roundabouts and moving object detection. Year 3 competition will be hosted at the TRC SMARTcentre 


Year Four Challange:


The SAE AutoDrive challenge has officially been renewed for a fourth year. Details to be released soon

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The Journey So Far

Check out everything we have accomplished in three years

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